Sinus Anatomic Model Otorhino Neuro Surgical Trainer

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  • The training allows endoscopic entrance in each nasal sinus cavity, dissection and view of its interior.
  • Within the anatomical observation of the model, pathologies such as cysts, tumors, and tissue similar to inflammatory processes can be found.
  • Amongst the possible surgeries performed with endotrainers, turbinectomy is also available, the removal of uncinato, the enlarging of the maxilar ostium, the drainage of maxilary cyst and the removal of the etmoidal bula.
  • The periorbitary approach through the lamina papyracea, the removal of Agger Nasi and the frontal opening, drainage of abcesses, identification and dissection of the esfenopalatine artery and ostium, training in various models of septal flap, identification of the esfenoidal ostium and enlargement of it, removal of the interesfenoidal septum, opening of the sella turcica and pituitary adenoma removal.
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    Complete simulator includes:
    1 Complete Base Support (SNT0)
    1 Anatomy Model Unit (SOT1-AM)
    1 ENT Head for Surgical Unit (SOT2)
    Further specifications:
    Dimensions: 43,0 x 35,0 x 26,0 cm | 16.93 x 13.78 x 10.24 inches
    Weight: 5.2 kg | 11.44 lbs
    Guaranteed for long-lasting use.
    Recommended for the use of medical professionals, teachers, and students.
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