Wireless Dental Rechargeable Intro Oral LED Lighting Easy Silicone Bite Suction

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  • Wireless and rechargeable illumination solution for optimal oral examination.
  • LED illuminating; lighting function tongue protection. 
  • Mouth prop support holding function; saliva suction tip.
  • Silicone bite block helps patients to comfortly open mouth.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed for the value of money. [1 year warranty from the date of purchase].
> Working voltage for adapter: AC100-240V or charging with USB cable.
Additional information and specs:
This is an intra oral portable dental light which has no attached cable, and therefore can be used without rejection of the patient since it can freely be positioned at a desired spot during operation. As the "bite block" naturally support both top and bottom teeth, it helps to keep the patient's mouth open wide. Since the LED light sheds bright light on the operation spot directly, it provides more accuracy during complex operations such as implant.
Wireless & Rechargeable
Illumination solution for oral examination
"Bite block" keeps the patients' mouths open
Designed for optimal patient comfort
"Bite blocks" are autoclavable
Suction function(option)
Wireless&rechargeable illumination solution for oral examination.
Silicone Bite block helps patients to comfortably open mouth.
Protects the patient's tongue while optimizing and illuminating intraoral workspace.
Secures and opens valuable space inside a patient's month.
Inregrated suction maintains a clear space for easy examination.
Autocalvable biteblocks,TIPS and suction kit.
Smooth edge help to enhance patient comfortable when patient's mouth opening .
Can hold disposable saliva ejector tip
Steam autoclavable or chemiclaveble for repeated use
Working voltage for adapter: AC100-240V or charging with USB cable, it can be charged with any USB device.(Micro USB connection)
One Year Manufacturer Warranty
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