Surgical Hemostat Mosquito Curved Forcep 5" Unique Locking Handle

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  • High grade stainless & carbon steel mix with an ultimate polishing finish.
  • Recommended for the use of professionals or certified-users, such as; dentists, doctors, dental and/or medical students, also for demonstrational purposes.
  • Manufactured from AISI 420 German stainless steel.
  • Reliable smooth action ensures tips align perfectly everytime.
  • Plutus World INC guarantees against rust & corrosion, prolonging the life of the instrument.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed for the value of money [1 year warranty from the date of purchase].
Further specifications:
Package: 3 pieces of Hemostat Locking Forceps Mosquito Pliers per order.
Ships within 1-5 business days from the date of purchase.