Renfert Twister Venturi Dental Vacuum Mixer 110V 1827-0000

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  • Vacuum mixing technology, powerful and reliable.
  • Made in Germany and designed by Renfert. 
  • High torque, mixes large amounts reliably and reproducibly. 
  • Adjustable vacuum prevents bubbles.
  • Versatility; can be used as a wall or bench unit.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed for the value of money. [1 year warranty from the date of purchase].

    Key functions:
    The all-round optimized vacuum technology produces homogenous mixing results the basis of perfect casting, pressing and milled objects. 
    The virtually maintenance free components and the intuitive operation make the unit a comfortable partner both in the laboratory and in the practice.

    Constantly reliable, individually programmable: 
    A feature of all Twister units is the reproducibility of the results, in particular of the evolution models. The individual, optimum mixing parameters for different materials and different employees on over 100 programs can be called up again and again with a simple press of a button.
    Optimized vacuum mixing technology produces homogeneous mixing results.
    Virtually maintenance-free components.
    Automatic bowl coupling enables convenient single-hand operation.
    The units generally all have the same functions. The only difference is in the technology for generating the vacuum. While the Twister operates using a motor pump, the Twister venturi produces the vacuum with the aid of compressed air.

    Further specifications:
    Guaranteed for long-lasting use.
    Recommended for the use of dentists, or certified professionals.
    [The use of this item on a patient without a dental license is prohibited].
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