KaVo Dental Scan Exam One Digital Intraoral Imaging Scanner Machine

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  • Advanced digital image processing provides consistent images time after time.
  • Excellent image quality can be achieved using factory configurations that can still be adjusted easily according to the dentist’s diagnostic preferences.
  • As easy and comfortable as film for the patient.
  • Easy front-side operation – minimum space requirements.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed for the value of money. [1 year warranty from the date of purchase].


    Technical specifications and details:
    Technology: Reusable imaging plate: (Photo Stimulable Phosphor plate)
    Pixel size: 30 μm / 60 μm, selectable
    Scanning resolution: 17 lp/mm
    Image bit depth: 16 bit
    Connection: Standard network connection (Ethernet RJ45), DHCP
    Dimensions: 168 mm x 233 mm x 328 mm
    Weight: 4 kg (8 lbs)
    Operating voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
    Further specifications:
    Guaranteed for long-lasting use.
    Recommended for the use of dentists, or certified professionals.
    [The use of this item on a patient without a dental license is prohibited].
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