Dental Wet Model Trimmer Abrasive Gypsum Arch Inner Disc Wheel Lab 2800 rpm

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  • Connect one end of the water tube to the nozzle of the wet model trimmer and the other end to the tap, open the valve.
  • Connect the waste-disposal tube to the unit.
  • Connect the power cord, and switch on the power switch (O=off, I=on).
  • When braking, it is normal to hear clicking before the sand tablet stops.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed for the value of money. [1 year warranty from the date of purchase].
    Details and instructions:
    >Voltage: <A>220V/50Hz±10% , <B>110V/60Hz±10%
    >Power: 500W Rotational
    >Speed: 2800 rpm
    >Dimensions: 44×35×35cm
    >Weight of the dental trimmer: 20kg
    If there is some abnormal noise when working on, possible reason:
    1. Axon is loosing.
    2. Disc is not plain enough - How to solve it:
    *Dissemble the disc with spanner, make the snap ring tightly;
    *Change the disc.
    3. The machine does not work when power on possible reason:
    *Fuse get-burnt;
    *Motor get burnt;
    *Switch get wrong.
    How to solve it:
    *Change the fuse (22) which is inside the socket;
    *Change the motor;
    *Change the disc.
    Further specifications:
    Guaranteed for long-lasting use.
    Recommended for the use of dentists, or certified professionals.
    [The use of this item on a patient without a dental license is prohibited].
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