Dental Twin Piston Oilless Oilfree Oil-less Vacuum Pump 5.5CFM 3/4 HP Medical

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  • Oil free twin piston high performance; good for medical/dental laboratory, workshop applications, or milker pulsator hookup.
  • Thermally protected motor 3/4 HP 120 VAC, 60 Hz power supply; push/pull capable, use as a compressor or vacuum pump.
  • Insulation class B, flow rate: 5.5 CFM. Max vacuum: 28 inch Hg, save the oil and eliminate mist problem. Clean run anywhere/quiet.
  • 5 feet cord with UL house plug, capacitor cased in, intake port: 1/4 FNPT.
  • Optional add-ons: Mini-air filter, exhaust muffler, vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, and regulator.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed for the value of money. [1 year warranty from the date of purchase].
Oilles Vacuum Pump: Twin Piston 3/4 HP 5.5 CFM Good for Milker Machine Pulsator Hookup, Medical/Dental offices, Laboratory and Workshop Push and pull/compressing and vacuum capable. Applications Like vacuum bagging/packing etc. Save the oil, no oil-mist problem, FEATURES: OIL-free twin piston pump; Designed and manufactured with the highest quality in materials and workmanship; Quiet run at wide temperature ranges, from subzero to 120 degree F, start in cold. Flow Rate: 5.5 CFM; Max Vacuum: 25 inch Hg; Thermal protected 3/4 HP motor; Power Supply:120 VAC, 60 Hz; 5 feet cord with UL plug; Insulation Class B; Capacitor: 80 uF, cased in/protected; Come with 4 rubber suction feet to reduce/absorb vibration and noise; Physical Dimensions: Size: 11 X 6 X 9 inch; Shipping Weight: 28 lb. Intake Port: 1/4 female NPT; Optional adaptor to 1/2 barb; One year warranty; Optional addition: a mini dust filter on the intake port, to filter away the dust from the intake air, extend the life of the pump; Optional addition: a mini muffler on the exhaut port for quieter operation; Optional addition: Adapter from 1/4 NPT to 1/2 barb available; Packing List: Pump, model WVP5, one unit Rubber feet: 4 units, installed Powercord with 110 VAC UL plug: 1 unit each, installed Capacitor protector case: 1 unit, installed User Manual: 1 copy PLEASE Note: optional barb adapter at the port, mini-dust filter and mufflers may get pictured with the pump, they can be purchased separately like the other add-ons such as vacuum gauge, regulator etc;
Further specifications:
Recommended for the use of dental procedures; however, it is open for all uses.
Guaranteed for long-lasting use.
Sold. by Plutusdental.
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