Dental Impression Mixing Universal Gun Dispenser 1:1/1:2

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  • Dispensing system 1:1 and1:2 ratio.
  • High performance for 50MLDual Barrel Cartrideges includes 1:1 1:2 slide.
  • Used to express impression materials and bite-registration materials from cartridges.
  • This mixing-gun consists of a release lever and a plunger, which are coordinated simultaneously to load and remove the cartridge.
  • Gun also consists of a trigger to dispense the material.

Satisfaction guaranteed for the value of money. [1 year warranty from the date of purchase].

Further specifications:
Brand new item/Unopened.
Automatic mixing and delivery of impression materials made easy with this handgun cartridge dispenser. 
Universal fitting mixing gun Suitable Cartridge: 50ml 1:1 ratio & 1:2 ratio.
These guns can be cleaned sterilized by cold disinfection & immersion.
Guaranteed for long-lasting use.
Sold by, Plutusdental.