Dental Heal Laser Diode Rechargeable F3WW Hand-held Pain Relief Device

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  • Photo-activated disinfection technology is based on two components to selectively tag and destroy cariogenic bacteria and periodontal pathogens; a solution of dilute, pharmaceutical grade tolonium chloride (a vital stain) and light of a specific wavelength (650 nm) to activate the solution.
  • Introduced into dental hard or soft tissue, the solution of dilute, selectively targets and tags all bacteria.
  • When the solution is activated by the laser, it releases singlet oxygen which ruptures the cell walls of bacteria, killing them in seconds. 
  • Effective to activate the solution on the bacteria found in root canals, periodontal pockets, periimplantitis, carious teeth, infection control and pain relief.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed for the value of money [1 year warranty from the date of purchase].


Kills all bacteria including:
Streptococcus mutans, Total streptococcus, Streptococcus sobrinus, Streptococcus intermedius, Acitnomyces, Lactobacillus, Velionella, Prevotella intermedia, Peptostreptococcus micros, Fusobacterium nucleatum, Porphyromonas gingivalis, Staphaloccoccus aureus, E.faecalis.
Package includes:
- User's guide (1)
- PAD light main body (1)
- Magnetic rechargeable battery (2)
- Goggle (2)
- Light rob (2)
- Charge station (1)
- Power adapter (1)
- Disposable tip (20)
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[The use of this item on a patient without a dental license is prohibited]
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