Dental Binocular Surgical Loupes Glass Magnifier with LED Headlight 3.5x

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  • Comfortable Headband design distributes weight and lessons pressure that can cause discomfort and headaches.
  • Ultra-wide field of view without distortion keeps your eyes from getting tired.
  • Galilean Optics system offers extra wide field of view with clear vision throughout.
  • Unique optical coating reduces reflection and improves image clarity.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed for the value of money. [1 year warranty from the date of purchase].
Item specifications:
Maginification: 3.5x
Working distance: 280-380 mm
Field of View: 60 mm
Material of lens-barrel: plastic and optic glass
Color: White 
Headband mounted Optical system: Compound Optics LED
Light Power: 5W
Light Intensity: 65000lux
Lifetime of led: 20000h
Spot size(420mm): 1-9mm
Working time: ≥6h Charging time :4h
Input: AC100-240V/50-60Hz
Brightness: Ajustable
Spot size: Ajustable 
Further specifications:
Guaranteed for long-lasting use.
Recommended for the use of dentists, or certified professionals.
Open for all other uses.
Sold. by Plutudental.
This product has a handling-wait time of anywhere from 2-9 days,
with the additional wait time of the delivery used. However,
some orders may ship sooner depending on availability, therefore please
message us before making your purchase and we will give you the best estimate possible.

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