Dental 3D-Printer Formlabs Form 2 SLA Machine

Regular price $3,250.00

  • Refurbished/Open box.
  • Simple print setup.
  • Auto-orient for optimal print position.
  • Auto-mesh repair.
  • Auto-generation of supports.
  • Rotation, scaling and duplication.
  • Layer slicer for path inspection.
  • .STL and .OBJ file input.
  • .FORM file output
  • Satisfaction guaranteed for the value of money. [1 year warranty from the date of purchase].

Professional use(s):

The 3D Formlabs Form 2 is pefect for a plethora of applications and industries, it is the top SLA 3D printing option of the market for industries that include: 

  • Additive manufacturing and architecture.
  • Dentistry education, engineering, and jewelry design.
  • Product development, rapid prototyping, and reverse engineering.

With the ability to now create a reliable print process, a new peel mechanism and heated resin tank is incorporated into the Form 2's hardware. This allows for large, solid parts and small intricate details.

Contents in package:
- 1 Form 2 SLA 3D Printer
- 1 Post-Processing Finishing Kit
- 1 Build Platform
- 1 Resin Tank
- 1 Year RTD Warranty


Further specifications:
Guaranteed for long-lasting use.
Recommended for the use of dentists, or certified professionals.
Sold. by Plutudental.