Dental Orthodontic Treatment Standard Study Model Blue

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      • Dental orthodontic study-model HST-B2 for dentists' teaching demonstrations for patients or for college educational purposes.
      • Allows individuals to understand the structural function of teeth/brackets; helpful to explain the importance of orthodontic procedures and tooth formations.
      • Demonstrates malocclusion with multiple orthodontic treatments including elastic o-ring power chain, tubes on molars and mini-screw anchors.
      • Displays a variety of dental diseases, including; dental cries, wedge-shaped defects, fusion roots, periapical cysts, abnormal central susp, enamel beads, gingival recessions, and more.
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      One of the finest qualities in the market; this Orthodontic Standard Treatment Model HST-B2 is guaranteed for long-lasting use. 

      Recommended for the use of dentists, teachers, certified professionals, or students.  

      NOTE: Some of the HST-B2 were also manufactured in Colombia ; we sell from both manufacturers.

      Mfg. by Plutus World INC.

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