Coltolux LED Curing Light Cordless, Pen-Style with Slim Taperless

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  • The Coltolux®LED combines a slim curing probe with high output in a cordless lightweight pen-style design.
  • Coltolux LED's heat sink technology reduces the amount of heat emission and eliminates the need for a fan.
  • The slim curing probe is ideal for hard-to-reach posterior areas.
  • Its slim shape enhances visibility of the restorative material during the light curing process.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed for the value of money. [1 year warranty from the date of purchase].
Package contents:
- 1 Cordless Handpiece, 
- 1 Charging Base, 
- 1 Power Supply, 
- 3 Light Shields, 
- 100 Barrier Sleeves, 
- 5 Light Lenses and Owner's Guide.
Further specifications:
Item will have a handling-time of 1-2 weeks approximately (depending on availability);
please make sure you do not mind before making the purchase.
One of the finest qualities in the market; this equipment
is guaranteed for long-lasting use.
Recommended for the use of dentists, or certified professionals.
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