Cloth Cotton Pad Polishing Buffing Shank Wheel for Dremel Rotary Tool

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  • 25mm Mounted Stitched Polishing Wheel solid soft felt buff.
  • Approximately 2.35mm shank.
  • Each brush is approximately 13/16" (25mm) in diameter.
  • Ideal for polishing metal surfaces or items.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed for the value of money. [1 year warranty from the date of purchase].
Wheels do not come with the stiches on the first face.
Further specifications:
25mm Mounted Stitched Polishing Wheel Solid Felt Buff - 2.35mm shank-select sets suitable for your die grinder machine tools. 
Ideal for polishing metals surfaces (e.g.: steel, aluminum, zinc alloy, brass, copper, etc.); especially precious metals. 
Perfect accessories for dental burs, jewelers, coin collectors, students, hobbiest, ectetera. 
Each brush is approximately 13/16" (25mm) in diameter and is mounted to a 2.35mm diameter mandrel.
Recommended for the use of dentists, patients, and/or certified professionals.
We have a very generous return-policy and great feedback from all buyers!
Mfg. by Plutusdental.