AuraGlow Dental Teeth Whitening Kit LED Light (2) 5ml Gel Syringes Tray Case

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  • Teeth whitening kit includes accelerator light that speeds up the whitening process. LED light contains 5 bulbs for more
power and has a built-in timer with beeper so you can easily keep track of your whitening session time.
  • Kit includes: (2) 5mL teeth whitening gel syringes, containing 35% carbamide peroxide and a total of 20+ whitening treatments.
Gel is made in USA, gluten-free, kosher, safe for enamel and produces no tooth sensitivity.
  • Mouth tray requires no molding or boiling, which means tray fits any mouth and allows you to whiten the top and bottom teeth.
  • Use once a day for 30 minutes and remove stains from coffee, wine, soda, tea, smoking and more. See visible results and
whiter teeth after just 1 teeth whitening treatment with this kit.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed for the value of money. [1 year warranty from the date of purchase].

How to use:

Open the back of the LED light and remove the plastic tab below the batteries. Rinse the mouth tray with warm water and attach it to the LED light. Fill the front surface of the mouth tray on both the top and bottom with 0.5 ml of gel. Insert the light with tray into your mouth and place firmly over your teeth.

Press the power button to turn on the light and whiten your teeth for 30 minutes. The LED light will automatically turn off and beep in 10 minute intervals for your convenience.

When finished, rinse the mouth tray and your mouth. Store gel in a cool, dry place. Avoid eating or drinking staining foods/beverages for 1 hour.



LED Light Teeth Whitening Kit

Ditch low-quality teeth whitening lights with 1 LED bulb and experience our 5x more powerful blue LED accelerator light that delivers faster whitening results. The light attaches to the mouth tray and shines directly onto the teeth to accelerate the whitening gel process.

For your convenience, the light beeps in 10 minute intervals so you don’t have to look at a clock or keep track of time during each whitening session. 

Benefits of AuraGlow LED Accelerator Light
  • 5 powerful LED lights
  • Speeds up whitening results
  • Built-in 10 minute timer with beeper
  • Attaches to mouth tray for hands-free whitening
  • Cool light technology means it will NOT cause sensitivity
  • Batteries included (24-48 hours of use)



Dental-Grade Teeth Whitening Gel

Our teeth whitening gel is 35% carbamide peroxide, which is a form of peroxide used for whitening. Our gel has just the right balance of ingredients to deliver fast whitening results with no sensitivity. All gels are made in the USA making them safe and effective. 

Includes 2 x 5ml teeth whitening gel syringes. Whitening gel includes 20 treatments (or 20 days of whitening) when .5ml of gel is used per treatment as directed.

Benefits of AuraGlow Whitening Gel
  • Safe for enamel
  • No sensitivity formula
  • Polishes while whitening
  • Safe for caps, crowns and veneers
  • Whitens tooth surface and in tooth crevices
  • Includes 20 treatments, for 20 days of whitening
  • Removes stains from coffee, wine, soda, smoking and more



Teeth Whitening Mouth Tray

The one-size-fits-all-mouth tray is a perfect fit for any mouth — which means no confusing instructions and hours wasted boiling moldable trays. The mouth tray is made of food grade silicone and sits snug in the mouth covering both the top and bottom teeth for whitening. 

Benefits of AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Mouth Tray
  • No molding or boiling required
  • Soft and comfortable fit for easy whitening for men and women
  • Attaches directly to the LED light for hands-free whitening
  • Made of high grade, BPA-FREE silicone


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Further specifications:
Recommended for the use of dental procedures; however, it is open for all uses.
Guaranteed for long-lasting use.
Mfg. by Plutusdental.